Fall 2014

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Bridges to the Future

What happens when foster children ‘age out’ of the system? By Christine Mahoney When times are hard and the foundation of a carefully planned life starts to crumble, you can sometimes look back and identify the breaking point—an illness, a job loss, a change in living situation, a death in the family. For April Anders,

Family Fun for Fall

Getting your fill of pumpkins, spooks and turkeys By Ainslee Kellogg Mac Naughton If fall could mean inviting a gentle, bling-loving turkey to sit in your lap instead of another trip to the same pumpkin patch, wouldn’t you want to try it? Not only does Boulder County have loads of fall activities perfect for wearing out

Fine Dinering

Jazzed-up diner fare sings at new north-Boulder eatery By John Lehndorff | Photos by Phil Mumford For Ella Fitzgerald, a song’s simple melody was just a starting place from which to soar, scat and sing jazz variations on a theme. Edwin Zoe feels that way about chicken-fried steak. Where others saw a forgettable deep-fried slab

On Point

Traditional Indian food, perfected under new management By Kate Jonuska | Photos by Phil Mumford So much talk is expended about teaching old dogs new tricks, while perhaps too little credit is given to the wisdom of young dogs’ respecting old ways. Such is the lesson taught by the young, fresh management of Jaipur Indian

Music Profile: Big Gigantic

Serving up massive beats to a world ready to shake its thing By Dave Kirby The best way to predict the future, the computer scientist Alan Kay once said, is to invent it. While it is certainly the case that Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken wouldn’t take credit for inventing electronic dance music (EDM, for

Moose on the Loose

Moose were rarely seen in Colorado until they were “reintroduced” in 1978 and 1979, but the program to bring them to the state is “a real success story,” according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Not everyone agrees that bringing moose to Colorado was a good idea.

A Wizard at His Work

Boulder scientist calls teaching kids ‘the best thing I do’ By Shannon Burgert When David Nesbitt landed his first teaching job in 1975, he used his $100 teacher’s budget to buy washers, ropes, string and bricks from the hardware store to teach high school physics. Today, his budget has increased over 5,000-fold, funding six labs

Calming the Storm

Improved therapy helps anxiety sufferers conquer life-altering thoughts By Debra Melani The pictures will always stay etched in Lori Flynn’s mind. Massive up-rooted trees, hurled like toothpicks by the river’s powerful force. Water churning up ground and sweeping across the highway toward her cabin two miles up the North St. Vrain canyon. The looks on

What Gluten Sensitivity Really Means

 … and how to know whether you have it By Amber Erickson Gabbey At age 50, Sam had had enough. After 40 years of chronic digestive issues and a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, a casual conversation changed his life. Nearly a decade ago, Sam’s acupuncturist casually mentioned gluten-related issues. By that point, Sam would try

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Bouncing Back

Tips for faster healing after surgery By Shannon Burgert Ever worry that surgery is going to leave you in worse shape than you were in before you had it? The needs of people going into surgery vary, cautions Jody Shevins, N.D., a naturopathic doctor in Boulder, but paying attention to a few things both before

Day of the Dead

Alive and Well in Boulder County Where to get in on the fun By Lisa Truesdale Despite its morbid-sounding name, Día de los Muertos—Day of the Dead—is actually a very happy celebration The holiday’s roots reach back thousands of years into Mesoamerican culture, and it was moved from summer to autumn after the Spanish conquest of Mexico

A Passion for Justice

 Latina activist rises from a turbulent early life By Tanya Ishikawa Irene Vilar seems driven to connect people, events and ideas as a way of finding peace and meaning in her life. In recent years, her drive has evolved a broader focus—to bring together America’s multicultural communities as a sustainable extended family. A Boulder resident

Daredevil Doc

Hip surgeon understands the call of ‘the endless playground’ By Jane Palmer It takes a special kind of doctor to treat Boulder County’s fitness- and adventure-obsessed sporting community—one who understands athletes’ minds as well as their bodies, one who truly grasps the drive to push physical boundaries. No one knows this better than Omer Mei-Dan.

Going for the Heart

Actor and director excels at finding a play’s ‘human core’ By Mark Collins Theater Photos by Michael Ensminger Rebecca Remaly lets out a laugh when she remembers back to 2006, the year she and her husband, Stephen Weitz, started Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company. She then compares the venture to getting a dog when you’re in

Go Buffs

Go Buffs! By Larry Zimmer “You build a program over time, and that’s how we are going to win here. We didn’t break it, but we’re here to fix it.” Those are the words of Colorado’s head football coach, Mike MacIntyre, as he heads into his second season with the Buffs. A year ago in

The Magic Closet

Style consultant helps women look their best By Lisa Truesdale Patricia Belanger runs a service company—but she’s quick to point out that it’s much more “service” than it is “company.” After years of honing her stylist skills as a television producer and host in Toronto, Canada, Belanger now helps women dress for confidence and success.

Forty Years of Nibbling

Forty Years of Nibbling By John Lehndorff  |  photos by Jennifer Peters Johnson If you picked a pair of typical young foodies at a Boulder bistro and sent them back to Boulder in the mid-1970s, they might not recognize the place. Besides the absence of debit cards, bike lanes and yoga pants, these time tourists

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