Fall 2016

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It’s (Warren) Miller Time

Check out the annual Warren Miller film festival tour Nov. 10-14, when it kicks off at the Boulder Theater.

Organic Sandwich Company: Everyday Farm-to-Table

Organic Sandwich Company is a reasonably priced and delicious fast-casual establishment–and it’s organic and seasonally sourced from Boulder County farms.

Agave’s new menu serves homemade, authentic Hacienda cuisine

According to owner Rene Cervantes, the guiding philosophy of the family-owned and -operated restaurant has no room for compromise when it comes to quality.

Gotta Geocache ‘Em All

In geocache searches players across the globe use GPS coordinates to hunt for (usually) small, mundane objects hidden in unlikely places.

Your Fall Mountain Guide

To help you choose from Colorado’s countless crisp-weather excursions, we’ve put together this handy guide to stellar outdoor adventures.

HOVAB: Art event represents ‘grassroots effort’

Heath believes that by sharing the history of visual arts in Boulder, HOVAB is also helping to lay a foundation for the future of visual arts.

Longmont People to Know: Greg Stephens

Greg Stephens is the Assistant Principal at Skyline High School

Longmont: 525 Third Ave. – What Was There Before?

The post office shared the first floor with a drug store and City News, with a number of fraternal organizations occupying the second floor.

The Arts Hub: The Art Underground expands to Lafayette

After years of planning, fundraising and construction, The Arts Hub in Lafayette opened with great fanfare on Aug. 27.

Wild Animal Sanctuary
Browns Shoe Fit

Untangling Boulder’s ‘rich tapestry of regulation’

The most challenging issue for homeowners in the city of Boulder, next to being able to afford a house, may be getting some basic information from the city.

Boulder celebrates its first Indigenous People’s Day

Goodbye, Columbus – First Indigenous People’s Day is Oct. 10 Boulder celebrates its first Indigenous People’s Day Oct. 10, and every second Monday in October from now on. The City Council unanimously approved the new holiday in a vote this July. The proposal was brought before the Council by the Human Relations Commission (HRC), a

Boulder author Jonny Waldman finds drama in rust and bricks

The idea for Rust: The Longest War, the winner of the 2016 Colorado Book Award for General Nonfiction, began with a problematic sailboat.

Boulder Uber driver goes from rags to riches at World Series of Poker

With not much in the bank, the million-dollar win certainly set this Uber driver up.

Louisville sign painter Ed Helmstead brightens a fading art

Sign painting is a somewhat disappearing art in our digital age, and Helmstead is something of an institution in Louisville.

CU professor leads effort to map the Cannabis genome

The Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative was established to determine the biology of the plant, and where it came from and how it grows.

Boulder’s Unpaid Heroes: County depends on search and rescue volunteers

Five nonprofit groups contract through the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department to provide search-and-rescue services by unpaid volunteers at no charge.

Sensory-deprivation chambers offer mental and physical benefits

Centers housing sensory-deprivation chambers have flowered along the Front Range

Excess Weight: Should You Worry If You’re Just a Bit Heavy?

The question of when to worry is complicated by the methods we use to quantify excess weight.

How to Know If You Need a Podiatrist

Sometimes it’s not obvious whether you need a podiatrist, another specialist or a primary-care physician.

Special Issue- Style and Fashion: It’s A ‘Boulder’ Style

Boulder is on cutting edge of fashion and style By Vivienne Palmer Boulder County is one of the hottest places to live in the United States because quality of life is of the utmost importance. Locals seek happiness through health and nature, and it shows in the fashion choices we make. We often value comfort

Fall Fashion: Check It Out!

Checks are hot this fall

Browns Shoe Fit
Wild Animal Sanctuary