It’s (Warren) Miller Time

23 Oct 2016

Warren Miller film festival tour kicks off in Boulder Nov. 10-14

If there’s one thing locals have been fantasizing about for the last six months, it’s strapping on a pair of skis, bidding their jobs a cordial adieu and spending the day ripping across an alpine mountain face, waist-deep in powder. Fortunately, wanderlusting adventurers can live vicariously (for now) through a new autobiography from the one and only Warren Miller, with the collaboration of Boulder editor Andy Bigford. Released Sept. 1, the book fleshes out the life of the man behind the 67-years-strong ski-film series.
Book cover photo courtesy Sun Valley PR Department
Book cover photo courtesy Sun Valley PR Department
Expect a behind-the-curtains peek into this infamous thrill-seeker’s gritty family details, struggles, failures, financial disasters and inspiring successes. Miller’s narrated, spectacular films have gathered a loyal cult following (many Boulderites are already card-carrying members). Born in 1924, the extreme-sports icon founded a now legendary touring adventure-film-festival company named after himself in 1950. He retired 40 years later to split his time between Big Sky, Mont., and Deer Harbor, Wash. Meanwhile, Warren Miller Entertainment has found a year-round home in an appropriately outdoorsy mountain-loving community—Boulder. Check out the annual Warren Miller film festival tour Nov. 10-14, when it kicks off at the Boulder Theater. Find more information at
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