Summer 2018

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Mountain Resources

Welcome to Colorado's high country, where you’ll find calf-busting hikes and quiet mountain strolls, stunning summits and peaceful lakes, rock formations begging to be climbed, and beautiful bluffs ideal for picnics. Use this resource guide to plan your perfect mountain outings this summer.

Mountain Getaways

It's a good time to decide on a few summer adventures and put them on the calendar now. Heading to higher elevation is also a good way to escape the heat, and mountain towns host some of the best festivals in Colorado. Here are some events at altitude you won’t want to miss.

Growler USA offers a variety of small-craft beers in a friendly neighborhood setting

If you like beer and a community-based brewery, you are going to love Growler USA. Lenore and Brian Jagerson are the founders of the new Growler USA in Louisville, which is a small national chain that started out as a tiny growler filling station in Eugene, Ore.

Summer 2018 Music Roundup

It’s time to break out the water bottles and beach blankets and start blocking music festival weekends off on the calendar.

Give Back Yoga Foundation

Give Back Yoga Foundation (GBYF), a national nonprofit yoga organization that helps certified teachers share yoga therapy with underserved populations.

Global Glue Project: Gillian Pierce explores why couples stick together

Gillian Pierce of Lyons is searching for the keys to making love last. In 2011, she and her brother, DJ Pierce, launched Global Glue Project and have filmed couples around the world, asking them to share their most intimate stories

Boulder beermeister Charlie Papazian retires; his brewer’s spoon goes to the Smithsonian

Boulder beermeister Charlie Papazian may have hung up his brewer’s apron on his 70th birthday this year, but the wooden spoon he used for home brewing, along with his handwritten brewing instructions, are on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show

One of Colorado’s biggest economic coups—nabbing the country’s Outdoor Retailer show—gave a boost to Boulder County businesses that cater to the adventure crowd.

Ospreys are stars of wildlife cams

Local birds have their own reality shows Some local ospreys are the stars of their own reality shows, courtesy two live-streaming cams. The Valmont Reservoir osprey cam even has its own Facebook page with fans worldwide, says Ryan Prioreschi, wildlife resources coordinator with the city of Boulder.

Wild Animal Sanctuary
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Rare orchid calls Colorado home

Normally orchids are associated with tropical climes, but a surprising number of orchids—at least 25—call Colorado home. The smallest, at 3 inches, is the White Adder’s Mouth orchid, or Malaxis monophyllos var. brachypoda

Waging War on Waste

Green-minded shoppers are cutting down on waste, so stores dedicated to slashing trash are gaining popularity in Boulder County.

Anne Skok’s Political Art

Anne Skok’s paintings may look whimsical, but they pack a political punch. The Boulder artist draws on her passion for change by portraying polarizing events in strong, vibrant brushstrokes.

Digital Detox: How our love affair with our screens can harm us—and how to break free

A digital detox is a means of breaking a pattern of overuse—whether that means time away from all electronics or adopting some mindful practices to curb habits. Overuse is a far cry from addiction, but both terms describe the condition that everyone who is “plugged in” can relate to.

Partner Dancing in Boulder County is on the Upswing

Social dancing is on the upswing across the country as people take it up for fitness and fun. You can find someplace to cut a rug in Boulder County nearly every night of the week.

Canova Home: Creative, Earthy and Made with Love

Susan Robinson curates an artistic Ccollection of home décor and accessories at the Canova Home store at 1200 Pearl St., Boulder.

Celebrating 30 Years and Counting of Cozy Alpaca Clothing

Lidia Holl, owner of The Alpaca Connection, attributes her success in this highly competitive area on the Pearl Street Mall to high-quality materials, unique merchandise and customer loyalty.

Longmont Comic-Book Artist Tackles Gun Violence

Longmont resident and professional comic-book artist Matt Strackbein has contributed to a new book called Where We Live: A Benefit for the Survivors in Las Vegas.

19th Annual Lafayette Peach Festival, Aug. 18

An annual summertime festival that celebrates all things peaches, but also includes food vendors, arts and crafts booths, antiques dealers, live entertainment, and children’s activities.

Lafayette Exhibit Tells Stories of Disparity and Struggle in Boulder County

Everybody has a story, and some tales of heartbreak, struggle, poverty and discrimination occur in our own neighborhoods. The Boulder County Community Services Department recently partnered with Boulder-based One Thousand Design to create “(In)visible Boulder County.”

On Behalf of Bees

On Feb. 6, 2018, again influenced by beekeeping advocates, Louisville further amended its beekeeping regulations. Hives are now permitted in all zoning districts.

Celebrate Longmont’s Farm Heritage

Here are some of our favorite agritourism activities and events happening in Longmont this summer.

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