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28 Jul 2020

Hydrate IV Bar offers alternatives to help maintain well-being

By Carol Brock   Tucked into a strip mall in Boulder’s Folsom Village, Hydrate IV Bar looks like it could be one of a hundred mom-and-pop shops. But cross the threshold and you’ll enter a tranquil, spa-like setting where you can sink into a cushy leather armchair and admire calming art on restfully painted walls or watch nature images scroll on a big-screen TV. Everything in this pleasant parlor is meant to calm and soothe, which is good when you’re about to get a needle stuck in your arm. The health professionals at Hydrate IV Bar think of it as a gentle prick on your road to personal wellness through injectable supplements and hydrating, nutrient-rich IVs delivered directly into your bloodstream. “A lot of people don’t realize how good their body could feel if they were giving it what it needed,” says Katie Wafer, owner of Boulder’s Hydrate and four sister stores in Denver. Administering saline and nutrients intravenously results in “one-hundred percent absorption,” she says, which is not the case with oral supplements. The shop’s serene environment and wellness services are Wafer’s brainchild. She has an extensive background in medical sales and witnessed firsthand the health-enhancing effects of IV hydration and supplement injections while working with medical doctors who offered these services, and professional athletes who used them to enhance performance. Being personally passionate about alternative medicine, and with a background in conventional medicine, Wafer created the idea for Hydrate. Instead of administering IV therapies and injectables in a clinical setting, she toyed with a different approach: “I wanted to create a boutique spa setting where you’d come to us, tell us what you wanted, and we could provide that service for you.” When Wafer met Dr. Nora MacDonald, D.O., and owner of the Integrative Center for Health in Fort Collins, everything fell into place. MacDonald has nearly 30 years of experience in integrative medicine, Wafer says, and the two “immediately hit it off.” While Wafer developed Hydrate’s business model, MacDonald crafted its menu of services, protocols, policies and procedures, and oversaw Hydrate’s compounding pharmacies that make all the IVs and injectables on Hydrate’s menu. Veteran nurses administer Hydrate’s injectables and IVs, and take vital signs and temperatures before treatments begin. “We are very sensitive to the fact that a fear of needles is very common,” Wafer says. “We do our best to make it as comfortable and approachable as possible. I’m very, very confident in our nurses and that’s so important. We want to gain your trust.” New clients are screened to ensure IV and injectable supplement therapies are a good fit for them, and Hydrate works closely with doctors of clients who have concerning health issues.

A Full Tank Feels Good

Most Hydrate patrons are healthy, active adults who use their services to “give them that extra oomph,” Wafer says. Many avail themselves of Hydrate’s membership program that includes monthly IV drips, B12 injections and other benefits. (Sessions are currently by appointment only to maintain social distancing and coronavirus protocols.) Other patrons may have nutrient deficiencies due to restrictive diets, diseases or poor gastrointestinal absorption of oral supplements. Lauren, a Hydrate client, sought out hydration therapy when her doctor recommended B12 injections after oral supplements failed to boost the diminished level in her bloodstream. “I’ve been going to Hydrate IV Bar biweekly for more than three years and the benefits have been amazing,” says Lauren. “Increased energy, mental clarity, better sleep and less anxiety. The Hydrate team is absolutely wonderful — warm, welcoming, kind and helpful — making for an enjoyable experience.” Hydrate’s therapies aren’t substitutes for properly caring for yourself, however, cautions Wafer. “You should still hydrate well, eat healthy, exercise and take daily oral supplements.” Yet Colorado’s high altitude, harsh sun and physically active populace can tip the scale when it comes to dehydration. “That’s when you start seeing fatigue and brain fog, and you’re not sleeping as well and your GI system isn’t working as well,” adds Wafer, whose services help “fill up your tank.” Once that happens, your body feels revved up. “It’s good to have a business that people leave feeling better,” she says. “That’s what keeps us going: To have developed a community of wellness-driven individuals who now see intravenous therapies as a fundamental pillar to their health and wellness routine.” Visit their website for a complete menu of services for wellness, recovery, illness and more, as well as pricing and membership benefits.

Hydrate IV Bar

1655 Folsom St., Boulder • 720-410-2163 Mon.-Thurs. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. • Fri.-Sun. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
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