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05 Oct 2023

Dr. Tom Zyvoloski, DDS, IBDM, AIAOMT

By Matt Maenpaa  »  Photos Heidi Howard

Studio Z Dental
818 S Boulder Rd.
Louisville, CO

Based in Louisville, just minutes from Boulder proper, Dr. Zyvoloski’s studies have brought him through the fields of naturopathy and biologic dentistry. Combined with his passion for artistry and sculpting, Dr. Zyvoloski brings a holistic approach to his practice that puts patient comfort and education at the forefront.

“Educating patients, telling them exactly what we’re doing and why,” is the key to Dr. Zyvoloski’s ability to build a rapport with his patients and help them along their dental journey, he says. “Patients here [in Boulder County] really appreciate the quality of dentistry we provide.”

Advances in science and technology have also helped inform the practice at Studio Z. From 3D Cone Beam Scans that can pinpoint infections in a jawbone to keeping apprised of advances in regenerative technology, Dr. Zyvoloski aims to put his practice at the forefront of the industry.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota Dental School, Zyvoloski is a listed member of the American Dental Association and Colorado Dental Association, as well as an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. He also holds certification as a Naturopathic Medical doctor and a degree in Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine.

The holistic approach also encourages frequent check-ups and cleanings, he explains, not just for a healthy mouth but the whole picture.

“I always tell people if your mouth is not happy, your body is not happy,” he says. “Research has shown that at least 80% of all illnesses in the body can be partially traced back to the mouth.”

Keeping up with those visits and maintaining oral wellness is key to patient success at Studio Z.

“Fixing what is wrong now is less expensive than waiting for later,” Zyvoloski explains. “Putting off dentistry can become more costly and invasive if it’s put off too long.”

Find more information about Dr. Zyvoloski, Studio Z Dental and his team of experts at or call 303-802-4313 to schedule a consultation.

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