Boulder Implants & Periodontics

05 Oct 2023

Dr. Jonathan C. Boynton, DMD, MST

Story and photo by Matt Maenpaa 

Boulder Implants & Periodontics
2575 Pearl St, Suite 330 Boulder, CO

With an office just minutes from downtown Boulder, Dr. Boynton’s practice specializes in periodontal health and same-day dental implants. Patient care at Boulder Implants begins with a supportive environment that fosters care and compassion in Dr. Boynton’s team.

“I understand that people are putting a tremendous amount of trust in me when they allow me the privilege to help them,” Dr. Boynton says. “It is important that people feel heard and acknowledged. I take the time to educate people, so they understand the significance of my findings and the cleaning reasoning behind my treatment planning decisions.”

Dr. Boynton found his love of artistry and precision crafting working for a cabinet maker after high school. He would then go on to Columbia University to study science, spending several years working as a scientist in biotechnology before attending dental school at Tufts. Continuing his education, he studied periodontal therapy, implant surgery and more. Dr. Boynton has served as president for the Boulder Broomfield Dental Society, as well as a trustee for the Colorado Dental Association.

“I became a dentist because it was what I was best suited to do, it integrates science, art and helping people. I have a passion for what I do that I cannot imagine losing interest in,” he says. “I love making people happy with their experience by treating them well and achieving great outcomes. I will continue in this career as long as I’m making a difference and have the energy to continue to challenge myself with personal and professional development.”

With more of the dental industry consolidating into corporate practices that focus on high-volume efficiency, Dr. Boynton prefers to keep his practice patient-centered so that he and his team can provide them with the best care possible, and Boulder is his preferred place for that.

“Boulder is a warm and happy community of people who tend to be invested in their health. It is also an incredibly interesting and eclectic community of people that are a pleasure to serve,” Dr. Boynton says.

Find more information about Dr. Boynton, Boulder Implants & Periodontics, and his compassionate team at or call 303-938-8300 to schedule a consultation.

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