Touchdown for the Environment

27 Nov 2019

Boulder’s 2019 football season features a brand new coach for the CU Buffs and brand new beer cups for Folsom Field. Although Mel Tucker needs more time to establish his legacy, the aluminum cups made by Ball Corporation have been an instant touchdown. The new cups were introduced to reduce plastic use in the stadium, and they’re “infinitely recyclable,” meaning the quality of the metal will not degrade, no matter how many times it’s processed and recycled. Dave Newport, director of the Environmental Center at CU, says the amount of beverage containers getting recycled at Folsom Field has nearly doubled from last season, although people don’t always toss their beer cups on the way out. “Fans like the cups so much we’ve observed many, many fans taking large stacks of used cups home from the games,” he says. Enjoy the souvenirs and recycle those cups when you’re done, Buffs fans!
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