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Spice Rubs for Summer Barbecue

Making spice rubs for summer BBQs is simple. Just start with a few basic ingredients and add others to your liking. You really can’t mess up a spice rub. You simply adjust the seasonings to your tastes. But starting with the freshest, highest-quality spices “makes a huge difference,” says Dan Hayward, owner and managing partner […]

Sea-friendly fish at Jax Fish House restaurant

Jax is committed to super freshness, sustainability, service and fun By Kate Jonuska | Photos by Phil Mumford The coasts have it easy, says Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar owner Dave Query. A restaurant in New York City can serve Hawaiian seafood, an L.A. eatery may offer Nantucket scallops, and diners assume they’re getting

The Greenbriar Inn Crowd

The Greenbriar springs to life with patio pleasures and herb-infused summer cocktails By John Lehndorff | Photos by Phil Mumford Walking up to The Greenbriar Inn on a sultry July evening is like making a grand entrance at a classy garden party in progress. Couples and families, having cleaned up nicely from the day’s exertions, sit

Barbecue Bliss

How to Ace Your Big Backyard Party By Eli Wallace Warm sunshine, the smell of the grill, a cold brew in hand and cornhole at sunset—true bliss is a backyard barbecue in summer. But between planning, prepping and cooking, plenty of party hosts have found themselves in over their heads instead of having a good

All About Quality

Tahona serves up innovative small plates, fine drinks and high spirits By Kate Jonuska  |  photos by phil mumford With his refined palate and expert knowledge, trained sommelier Peter Soutiere loves to talk about flavor profiles, regional variations and food pairing—but not in regard to wine. After years in fine dining, Soutiere today would much

Cordially Yours

Cold-weather drinks with liqueurs and cordials

Another World

Ku Cha’s Tea Room and Shop Bring Delicious Peace By Kate Jonuska Photos by Phil Mumford Colorful, modern, busy, stylish: These are some words that might come to mind to describe Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. “Relaxing” and “contemplative,” however, rarely make the top of the list—until you visit the calm oasis of Ku Cha House

Fine Dinering

Jazzed-up diner fare sings at new north-Boulder eatery By John Lehndorff | Photos by Phil Mumford For Ella Fitzgerald, a song’s simple melody was just a starting place from which to soar, scat and sing jazz variations on a theme. Edwin Zoe feels that way about chicken-fried steak. Where others saw a forgettable deep-fried slab

On Point

Traditional Indian food, perfected under new management By Kate Jonuska | Photos by Phil Mumford So much talk is expended about teaching old dogs new tricks, while perhaps too little credit is given to the wisdom of young dogs’ respecting old ways. Such is the lesson taught by the young, fresh management of Jaipur Indian

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Browns Shoe Fit

Forty Years of Nibbling

Forty Years of Nibbling By John Lehndorff  |  photos by Jennifer Peters Johnson If you picked a pair of typical young foodies at a Boulder bistro and sent them back to Boulder in the mid-1970s, they might not recognize the place. Besides the absence of debit cards, bike lanes and yoga pants, these time tourists

Wet Your Whistle Stops

Wet Your Whistle Stops. Sip & shop at Boulder County’s microdistilleries By Charmaine Ortega Getz Pub crawls, winery tours and swings through microbreweries have long been stimulating ways to sample Colorado-made adult beverages. Now Boulder County can add microdistillery tasting rooms to the experience. Each stop offers a tour, occasional live music or other entertainment,

Dinner’s Ready in Record Time!

When you’re short on time and long on pantry items, here are quick meals that are tastier than their packaged counterparts. By Rebecca Schneider After a long exhausting workday, your stomach’s growling and the kids are chiming in with “What’s for dinner?” Instead of takeout or the usual pasta with canned tomato sauce, take dinner from […]

Seed to Supper Chef’s Recipes: Colterra Beet Salad

Photo by Magdalena Szachowska Colterra Beet Salad 2 large organic red beets 2 large organic chioggia beets 1 oz organic chives 1 oz organic basil 1 oz organic italian parsley 2 oz local Haystack Mountain Chevre 1 oz toasted walnuts 1/4 organic fennel bulb Organic extra virgin olive oil Apple cider vinegar Preheat oven to […]

Hitting the Sweet Spot: Three Delicious Dessert Recipes

Here are three delicious desserts guaranteed to please. I don’t believe baking should be complicated. I know some people like the challenge of a baked Alaska, and that’s fine. But I lean toward baking’s more creative than challenging side. That may stem from having to do a TV segment in four minutes that has to […]

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