Electric Car Battery Boost

23 Apr 2021

Breakthroughs in battery technology present exciting possibilities as many industries move away from fossil fuels. Solid Power, a startup in Louisville, is making waves in this field with their all-solid-state batteries that could make electric cars more efficient and much safer.

Currently, most electric cars store energy in lithium-ion batteries with a liquid electrolyte. As their name suggests, Solid Power has been developing a solid alternative with no liquid component. It can hold 50 percent more energy and won’t burst into flames when overheated (always a nice perk).

A sulfide-based ceramic acts as the ion-conducting material to replace the liquid. Originally developed at the University of Colorado Boulder, the ceramic is more stable and conducts ions more efficiently, meaning more mileage before drivers have to recharge.

With a fully operational pilot production line, Solid Power will begin automotive qualification in early 2022.

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