Soundwall: a framed canvas that gives off sound

02 Mar 2016

Art literally sings in a new kind of speaker: the Soundwall, a framed canvas that gives off sound.

Soundwall was invented in 2013 by two Boulder entrepreneurs, Sven Coppom and David Hose. Flat-panel technology enables the entire front surface of the canvas to vibrate, creating sound. You can choose a painting or photograph from Soundwall’s online gallery, upload an image of your choice when you order, or (on request) get a blank one to paint yourself or use like a chalkboard. Once it arrives, you just hang it on the wall and connect to wifi, and the music starts. When you’re in the room with it, it’s hard to tell where the sound is coming from.
Photo courtesy Soundwall
Photo courtesy Soundwall
The company works closely with artists whose work seems especially well-suited to the concept, like Bisco Smith, who paints Soundwalls while listening to music he composed himself; the finished product comes partly loaded with his music. Another participating artist is Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark, a photographer who collaborated with Soundwall to produce a special exhibit at Christie’s in London. Although the company’s showroom is in Tribeca in New York City, each Soundwall is individually built in Colorado. Until a few months ago the production facility was in the former Sutherland’s location, now demolished, on Valmont Road; it’s currently in Broomfield. CEO and art collector Aaron Cohen says he hopes it will ultimately come back to Boulder. Soundwall prices start around $325. To learn more, visit

—Mary Jarrett

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