The Virginity Heard ‘Round the World

02 Aug 2020

In 2013, Boulder writer Amanda McCracken was a 35-year-old virgin, and she had composed an article for The New York Times titled “Does My Virginity Have a Shelf Life?” Her musings on the wisdom or folly of her sexual status attracted thousands of readers, hundreds of comments and the interest of Katie Couric, who interviewed McCracken on her show in 2014. More comments, judgment and advice flooded in.

McCracken wrote six more articles about her quest for a loving, trusting relationship and gave several live talks. She had dated over 100 men, and was not shy about disclosing her personal history. Opening up about her virginity encouraged her readers and listeners to reciprocate with their own stories about sex (or a lack thereof). McCracken says, “It’s kind of like going to a nude beach. They see me being so naked and transparent, so they feel like they should take their clothes off, too.”

Well, the world can stop holding its breath, because the woman who became famous for her commentary on virginity finally found her person. In her recent article for HuffPost, McCracken chronicles the journey, and it has once again gone viral. Even BBC World News reached out for an interview.

McCracken is now happily married and she’ll soon have living proof that her virginity does not have a shelf life — she and her husband Dave are expecting a baby in August.

Check out the full story at, and look for McCracken's upcoming book, "How Longing Became My Lover."
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