BoCo Bookshelf: What locals are writing and we’re reading

07 Dec 2020

By Haley Rae Shoning


We ask local authors to describe what inspires them, what’s next on their writing agenda, what’s tough about being a writer and so much more.


The Only Good Indians, a bone-chilling novel about four Blackfeet men whose past comes back to haunt them

By Stephen Graham Jones

BMAG: What do you love about your book?

SGJ: Readers who are into neither hunting nor basketball seem to be engaging in the story, and, you know, leaving the light on a little longer at night. That’s every horror writer’s dream: that we can creep into the sleeping hours of a few people out there.


Recipes for a Sacred Life, a collection of funny, poignant and inspiring stories

By Rivvy Neshama

BMAG: What is your favorite part of the book-writing process?

RN: I love the focus that book writing offers. When I was writing “Recipes…”, I started seeing sacredness everywhereand the book began to write itself.


Other People’s Pets, a novel about a quirky but charming animal empath

By R.L. Maizes

BMAG: What was your inspiration for the characters?

RLM: Like the main character in the book, I care deeply about animals. I’ve adopted them, I’ve volunteered at the humane society, and I’m vegan.


Revolution and Renaissance, an insightful review of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s in the U.S.

By Daniel Forbes Hauser

BMAG: What do you love about your book?

DFH: So many events from this time period continue to be part of our national conversation, and they provide valuable warning to the vitriolic debates that consume our country today.


The Spiritual Adventures of Russell the Dog, a story of love, hope and spirituality from a canine’s perspective

By Trisha Watson

BMAG: Do you have a new book in the works?

TW: I’m currently working on “The Spiritual Adventures of Maggie the Dog.” Maggie’s voice and adventures are different from the Russell book, but the reincarnation theme continues

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