Winter/Spring 2020-2021

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February: A Time to Reflect

It took the movie “Hidden Figures” for most of us to learn that Black women got our country’s first astronauts into space. In school, many of us did not learn about Lewis Latimer’s groundbreaking contribution to the electric lightbulb design, or Marsha P. Johnson’s activism for LGBT rights. Too often in our nation’s history, the

Perfect Pairings

When it comes to pairing beer with food, you can choose to complement the flavors or contrast them. Here are a few of our favorite food/beer pairings.

Boulder Valley School District Named Best Employer in Colorado

  Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) staffers spoke, and Forbes listened. Through anonymous surveys sent to employees at various companies across the county employing at least 500 people, Forbes ranks America’s Best Employers By State, and this year, BVSD is No. 1 for Colorado. Our humble, hometown district with 3,680 employees beat giant employers throughout

Pre-Programmed ParaPros?

By Sara Bruskin   With class sizes growing in public schools, teachers are hard-pressed to spend enough one-on-one time with their students. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are looking for solutions to this problem in the world of artificial intelligence with a program called the U.S. National Science Foundation AI Institute for Student-AI

Restaurant Week at Home

Rather than organizing Restaurant Week in the midst of a pandemic, First Bite releases a cookbook of local restaurant favorites.

Pandemic Dining Innovations

Here are some ways our local dining scene is evolving to meet the challenge of indoor dining restrictions during the pandemic.

Guide To an Unconventional Ski Season

This winter will be the weirdest ski season in recent memory, but Colorado resorts are up for the COVID challenge. They’re getting creative to give skiers a much-needed break from quarantine life and send them to the slopes safely. 

Local Would-be Tokyo Olympians Discuss How It Feels to Be On Hold.

Waiting to Compete By Amanda McCracken   Weddings, funerals, graduations—ceremonies of all types—were postponed or canceled in 2020. But the biggest deferment is arguably the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (now scheduled for summer 2021). Qualifying for the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many athletes, so it’s no surprise that Boulder’s Olympic hopefuls had to make

The Road to Recovery

2020 has been … a year, that’s for sure. It’s time to recover and rejuvenate for a better year to come! By Vicki Allsopp   Editor Note: We understand that true recovery from the pandemic will take much more than a fresh haircut and a new hobby. For those who have lost loved ones, there

Browns Shoe Fit
Wild Animal Sanctuary

Uplevel Your Home Office

By Haley Rae Shoning   Whether you’ve been working from home forever or it’s a new pandemic-inspired situation, making your home office comfortable and inspiring can lead to elevated productivity and a calm and peaceful work-from-home experience.     An eye-catching piece of local art is the perfect addition to dress up your space. “What

Pandemic Projects Enhance Boulder Communities

When the pandemic first shut down schools, workplaces and recreation areas, many Boulder County residents reached out of isolation and beyond their fears to help neighbors and strangers alike.

Artist Margaret Galvin Johnson: Leaving Hidden Valley Road Behind

A local woman navigated her way out of the trenches of trauma through years of therapy, emerging with a career in art.

Mikki McComb-Kobza: From Fear to Fascination

Landlocked shark expert Mikki McComb-Kobza turned her childhood terror into a career.

BoCo Bookshelf: What locals are writing and we’re reading

We ask local authors to describe what inspires them, what’s next on their writing agenda, what’s tough about being a writer and so much more.

Elevating Black Voices

Local public radio station KGNU (88.5 FM and 1390 AM) has launched a new program called “Black Talk.” The show features news from NAACP Boulder County chapter, book recommendations and personal stories from host Michele D. Simpson and her guests. Simpson says, “We endeavor to communicate the challenges, resilience and beauty in Black life.” The

Footloose Fowl

Photo by Ashley Reynolds, AERE Photography   A pride of escaped peafowl from a nearby farm enchanted residents of Shanahan Ridge in 2018. But residents of the neighborhood called Rural North Boulder have been marveling at their own muster of these magnificient birds happily “free-ranging” for many years. The peacocks, or “birds with a thousand

Gifts on the Go!

No more running to a big-box store when you need a last-minute gift for the holidays or a baby shower, or even just a “thanks for hosting dinner” token. Instead, swing by Fettle & Fire in Longmont (921 Kimbark St.) and score a grab-and-go gift from this campy-cute vending machine. You’ll find handmade gifts and

Beauty on the Other Side of Hate

Which is more powerful, love or hate? Filmmaker Susan Polis Schutz—the mother of Colorado’s governor, Jared Polis, and co-founder of Boulder’s Blue Mountain Arts—firmly believes the answer is love. In her new documentary, “Love Wins Over Hate,” Schutz explores the lives of six former white supremacists and ultraconservatives, once filled with anger and prejudice, who

A Village of (Free) Tiny Homes for Veterans

Veteran’s Community Project

Via Mobility Services

Via Mobility Services is moving local communities toward transportation equity through an unprecedented pandemic.

The Social Dilemma

Jeff Orlowski of Boulder, CO, puts a spotlight on the negative impacts of social media use with his film, "The Social Dilemma."

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