Footloose Fowl

07 Dec 2020

Photo by Ashley Reynolds, AERE Photography

A pride of escaped peafowl from a nearby farm enchanted residents of Shanahan Ridge in 2018. But residents of the neighborhood called Rural North Boulder have been marveling at their own muster of these magnificient birds happily “free-ranging” for many years. The peacocks, or “birds with a thousand eyes” (and the less-colorful but no-less-exotic peahens), belonged to a breeder who died in the early 2000s, and they’ve become rather self-sufficient since they flew the coop. Let’s embrace their presence, for legend has it they’re a symbol of good fortune, harmony and serenity!

Note: By “embrace,” we don’t mean literally. If you see these birds, be sure to keep your distance. Getting too close can bring stress and harm to wildlife (not to mention yourself).

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