Summer 2015

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Sea-friendly fish at Jax Fish House restaurant

Jax is committed to super freshness, sustainability, service and fun By Kate Jonuska | Photos by Phil Mumford The coasts have it easy, says Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar owner Dave Query. A restaurant in New York City can serve Hawaiian seafood, an L.A. eatery may offer Nantucket scallops, and diners assume they’re getting

The Greenbriar Inn Crowd

The Greenbriar springs to life with patio pleasures and herb-infused summer cocktails By John Lehndorff | Photos by Phil Mumford Walking up to The Greenbriar Inn on a sultry July evening is like making a grand entrance at a classy garden party in progress. Couples and families, having cleaned up nicely from the day’s exertions, sit

Hooked on Fly Fishing

In local fly-fishing shops you’ll find summer camps for kids and guided trips solely for women By Shannon Burgert If you’re having a rough day, Bridget Robinson has a recommendation: Go fishing. “It gives you time to mellow out,” she explains. Bridget, 8, has been fishing with her father since she was 4. (To date,

Alzheimer’s: ‘We’re All at Risk’

Alzheimer’s already affects some 65,000 patients and 234,000 caregivers in Colorado, with the numbers rising sharply. By Shannon Burgert Baby boomers are starting to become seniors, and thanks to modern medicine, people are living longer. But with increasing age comes an increased risk for Alzheimer’s, a disease which the medical field has yet to successfully

Need a New Knee?

Get a second opinion, and ask around In the late 1960s, getting a new knee might have seemed risky. But it’s been almost 50 years since the first knee replacement, and today the procedure is performed more than 700,000 times a year in the United States. (Given Boulder’s active and aging population, we may account

Chill Yoga

Super-physical yoga paired with an already stressful life can create physical, emotional and energetic imbalances. Incorporating passive styles of yoga can help you relax and recharge. By Amber Erickson Gabbey When Heidi Beachley was healing from an injury several years ago, she had no choice but to slow down. All it took was one injury to

Steinbaugh’s Hardware: Hardwired for Hardware

Steinbaugh roots keep Louisville strong. Louisville and Steinbaugh. Steinbaugh and Louisville. The story of one can’t be told without the other. By Steven Wilke As Tom Steinbaugh tells it, the intertwining of a small mining town with his family’s history began in 1892 when his great-grandfather, John Jacob Steinbaugh, moved from Iowa to Louisville and

Boulder’s maturing mobile-development scene

Apps Grow Up By Kate Jonuska In 2008, you could sell thousands of copies of simple apps like PhoneSaber (which mimics a Star Wars light saber) or iBeer (which makes it look like you drink beer from your phone). In 2012, the mobile game Angry Birds reported $200 million in earnings, and Instagram, initially an

Q&A with CMF Music Director Jean-Marie Zeitouni

Interview by Mary Jarrett © 2015 Brock Publishing Corp. All rights reserved. For any use, email Mary Jarrett. QUESTION: What kinds of music were played around your house when you were a child? JEAN-MARIE ZEITOUNI: It was actually a good combination. My mom’s father was a conductor, an arranger and a trumpet player for the radio

Wild Animal Sanctuary
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Barbecue Bliss

How to Ace Your Big Backyard Party By Eli Wallace Warm sunshine, the smell of the grill, a cold brew in hand and cornhole at sunset—true bliss is a backyard barbecue in summer. But between planning, prepping and cooking, plenty of party hosts have found themselves in over their heads instead of having a good

Streamlined technical gear for Boulder

Foxy Fittings By Eli Wallace | Photos by Phil Mumford You’re 14, and you’re outdoorsy. What do you do when you’re trekking through the mountains and your gear is heavy, uneven and generally annoying? If you’re Åke Nordin in the 1950s, you wait till you get home to Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, and head to your mother’s sewing

Advancing female leadership in outdoor industry

By Eli Wallace If the outdoor industry wants to be sustainable, it needs to include more women as top-level leaders. That’s one of the core beliefs of Boulder’s Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition (OIWC), a group that works to make the outdoor industry a top choice for female employees. “Women are a solution to one of

A Wet Dog Is a Happy Dog

As the summer heats up, many of our furry friends can’t seem to get cool. Luckily, there are a few places around the county where they can take a dip. For a quick cool-down, dogs love the East Boulder Off-Leash Dog Park, which has reopened its swimming area since the flood. The Louisville Community Park

Mtnbabes empowers women to go natural in nature

Pure Freedom By Adeline Bash During the warm climbing months, the summit of Longs Peak—one of Colorado’s most popular fourteeners—typically buzzes with dozens of hikers celebrating their completion of the rigorous hike. But on a warm August day in 2011, Maddie Crowell and her childhood friend Lindsey Cannon hiked the peak and found the summit

Longmont executive promotes economic development for Native Americans

Success Breeds Success By Mary Reed Growing up in Ketchikan, Alaska, Michael Roberts developed his entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. He had a paper route at age 11, and worked in the summers cleaning dog kennels, at a grocery store and at the fish cannery. “If there was money to be made, I would

Music for all at Boulder Library

The woman behind the amazing concerts at Boulder Public Library By Mary Jarrett When Juliette León Bartsch was growing up in State College, Pa., she recognized herself as a “library junkie”—she was used to being kicked out at closing time. Yet she discovered the Boulder Public Library quite by accident. Brand new in town in

Speaking for Animals

Boulder scientist champions animals as feeling, thinking beings   By Julie Hoffman Marshall At age 4, Marc Bekoff saw a grown man hitting a dog on the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y., and didn’t hesitate to act. “I started yelling at him,” Bekoff recalls, “because it was just wrong. I didn’t even think about it.” The

Love Those Local Shoppers

Successful independent businesses listen to their customers and move with the times By Kay Turnbaugh Just like everywhere, Boulder County took a big hit during the recession. Not only residents, but also local businesses. Now that we’re finally putting those years behind us, the county’s smaller businesses are beginning to rebound. But local support is

A Summer of Music in Boulder

Sure, U2 gets all the attention this year for kicking off the Big Name concert season in Denver (at least they’re not sending you free concert tickets you didn’t ask for), but it doesn’t take much digging to find plenty of gems in and around Boulder for the discriminating music lover this summer. So turn

12 Questions for Louis Psihoyos

Interview by Tanya Ishikawa |photos courtesy oceanic preservation society Louie Psihoyos [pronounced siHOYos] is an Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker who has lived in Boulder since 1993. A former National Geographic Society photographer, he is known for his films’ ability to capture the beauty of the natural world while exposing environmental crimes in an emotionally effective

What’s brewing in Boulder’s craft beer market

Beer Wars By Eli Wallace Nobody likes a sellout. At least, that’s how it seemed to Washington state’s Elysian Brewing in the wake of their January announcement that it sold to Anheuser-Busch’s parent monolith, InBev. In a statement on its website, Elysian defended the decision, saying, “This week has been oddly similar to last week

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