Lenna Kottke retires from nonprofit Via Mobility Services

23 Nov 2016

Helping People to Help Themselves

For a quarter of a century, Lenna Kottke shepherded Via Mobility Services as the nonprofit transportation service’s chief executive officer. The service, which costs $3 one-way for those who can pay, provides on-demand transportation for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Thanks in part to Kottke’s passion for serving those living at or under the poverty level, Via doesn’t turn riders down for lack of ability to pay. For those with extremely limited mobility, Via employees assist the rider door-to-door, helping the person get ready to leave and return. If a person needs help getting his arm into a coat sleeve or wheeling an oxygen cart, that level of care is paramount to the service Kottke has sought to provide. To honor Kottke’s recent retirement, Via created the Lenna Fund. So far, the fund has raised $62,000 from 43 donors in an effort to continue Via’s ability to serve those unable to pay. To donate, visit www.viacolorado.org or call 303-447-2848. Frank Bruno, former head of the Boulder Community Health Foundation, has assumed Kottke’s position. If you need a ride, call 303-447-2848 ext. 1014 to find out which Via service would be most appropriate for your needs. —Haley Gray
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