Roller Derby: Boulder County Bombers

17 Sep 2015

BCB is Boulder County’s nonprofit flat-track women’s roller derby league, established in 2011. We recently sat down with IdaHITdat, a team member and president of the board of directors, who happily gave us the scoop about what it’s like to be a BCB skater. The only thing she desn’t love is the nasty bumps and bruises she often goes home with. “We’re all friends until the bout begins, and we’re friends when it’s over,” she says. “But during our bouts, it’s all about the competition.” Official bouts and scrimmages are held at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. (The skaters LOVE having a big crowd; tickets are $15 at the door.) If you’re interesting in skating, reffing or volunteering, attend one of BCB’s frequent New Recruit Nights to learn about the training program and the basics of roller derby—no experience necessary. Check out for the schedule and details.


IdaHITdat has 5 pretty good answers for that! 1. “I’ve always loved to skate.” 2. “It sounded fun.” 3. “It was on my bucket list.” 4. “I’ve made lots of new friends. Actually, they’re like family.” 5. “What an awesome workout!”


boulder county bombers 2Current BCB skaters include:
  • Downtown Stabbey
  • Ginja Smaxxx
  • Boston Strangle-Her
  • NikNak Breaker Back
  • Catastrophoebe
  • Cat-A-Pult
  • Wrecklace Riot Alice
“I don’t even know most of their real names,” confesses IdaHITdat, whose real name is… well, we’re not telling.


BOUT: The name for a roller derby match, or game; two 30-minute periods. JAM: The 2-minute intervals when all the action happens. (Although the lead jammer can call off the jam sooner) JAMMER: The only skater on the track who can score points; there’s one per team. FRESH MEAT: New recruits. FISHNET BURN: The unique crisscross “rink rash” that happens to a skater wearing fishnet stockings. PACK: The mass of blockers from both teams skating around the track; the jammer’s goal is to get through or around the pack. PANTY: The stretchy helmet cover with a star on it, used to designate the JAMMER. PANTY PASS: What the JAMMER does with her PANTY when she’s tired and wants another skater to take over.


20+ The number of roller derby leagues in Colorado 100 The approximate number of current BCB skaters (not counting all the officials, volunteers and sponsors) 7 The max number of penalties a skater can rack up in one game 27 The number of laps you have to skate in 5 minutes in order to pass the final phase of your training 1,700 The number of calories IdaHITdat estimates she burns during one three-hour practice
By Lisa Truesdale  
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