Fall 2015

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The Rise of USA Rugby

FIFA is to soccer as the NFL is to football as USA Rugby (USAR) is to rugby. The governing body of the rugby world, headquartered in Boulder, has made some serious strides in the last few years—including becoming a full member of the United States Olympic Committee in 2011. Through the Olympic Committee, USAR develops

Buzzed or Busted?

If you’re an underage drinker who spent a few bucks to buy a fake ID, you’d better not hand it to Russ Wright. In the past 11 years, Wright has confiscated more than 11,000 false IDs during his tenure at Liquor Mart. Wright’s knack for spotting fakes extends beyond driver’s licenses to other documents, including

A New Guide Book: Hiking Colorado’s Front Range

I saw my first Colorado calendar while growing up in California. Replete with fantastic images of mountains, rivers, animals, columbines, aspens and the bluest of skies, the calendar made me wonder, “Does such a gorgeous place really exist?” I discovered it does after moving here 36 years ago. Since then, I’ve hiked a lot of terrain

Helping the Homeless

Like many families, the Weinrauchs visit Costco each month to load up on necessities. But in their case, the necessities aren’t for them. “We give the homeless all this stuff,” says 9-year-old Torre Weinrauch. She and Zyree, her feisty 7-year-old sister, accompany their parents on Costco runs to handpick things like crackers, Band-Aids, water bottles,

Pet Hospice a Growing Trend

For pet owners who prefer to manage their pets’ end-of-life care in their own homes, the growing national trend of pet hospice programs provides support and care. These programs work with animals who have terminal diagnoses and less than three months to live, and also generally offer in-home euthanasia services, owner emotional support and, occasionally,

Fruits of the Farm

If you’ve ever seen a sign like this at Lucky’s Market in Boulder, you might have asked yourself, “Who is this Connie, anyway, and why is her produce so famous?” Connie is Connie Zweck, who owns and operates Zweck’s Farm in Longmont with her husband, Tom, the great-grandson of George, who began farming the land

Jack Fischer: Louisville’s Astronaut Hero

Boulder’s Scott Carpenter Park was named after an astronaut and features space-themed play structures. Longmont’s Vance Brand Auditorium was named after an astronaut, too. And now Louisville has an astronaut-hero of its own: Jack Fischer, who was recently selected to be a crew member on a March 2017 expedition to the International Space Station. In

Stem Cell Therapies: Tiny Building Blocks of Life

Stem cells have remarkable qualities Imagine being able to print out a new knee—not the plastic-and-metal kind, but one made of real bone, ligament and cartilage cells. Science fiction? Yes, for now. “But it’s probably not as far off as it sounds,” says Christopher Centeno, M.D., a Broomfield-based specialist in orthopedic regenerative medicine. “It’s on

Ricardo Peña: Life from music to mountaineering

For most of the calendar year, the sounds in Ricardo Peña’s ears are musical: Cuban son, rock ’n’ roll, blues, bolero. The consonance of rhyming instrumentation, Spanish paeans to love and loss from a bygone era, familiar anthems and party songs from Norteamérica. When he’s leading the Ricardo Peña Band, some of the music is

Browns Shoe Fit
Wild Animal Sanctuary

Roller Derby: Boulder County Bombers

BCB is Boulder County’s nonprofit flat-track women’s roller derby league, established in 2011. We recently sat down with IdaHITdat, a team member and president of the board of directors, who happily gave us the scoop about what it’s like to be a BCB skater. The only thing she desn’t love is the nasty bumps and

Colorado Buffaloes Have a New Look

and it’s more than just the snazzy new uniforms By Larry Zimmer Jr. They say “clothes make the man,” but Coach Mike MacIntyre isn’t counting on those new Nike duds to win more games as he starts his third year as head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. He believes his team will look like a

Louisville’s Downtown Dog of the Month program

Downtown Louisville has really gone to the dogs. That’s because Mark Zaremba, a board member for the Louisville Downtown Business Association, really loves them, and he knows he’s not alone. “About 75 percent of people like dogs,” Zaremba says, “and you can’t get 75 percent of people to agree on much of anything.” So he

Using acupuncture for insomnia

When Pins and Needles Help You Sleep By Jane Palmer When Michelle Dodd’s newborn developed severe acid reflux, the typical six weeks of interrupted sleep extended to nearly a year as her baby needed to snack almost continuously. After nine torturous months the digestive problem resolved—but for Dodd, the challenges had just begun. “By then

High-intensity indoor cycling options abound

Bike When You Like On a recent Tuesday at the BreakAway Cycle & Strength Studio in Longmont, a nearly full class of riders worked strategically to push their legs at the right speed and resistance to exert the exact number of watts of power needed at that moment to reach their peak performance. In a different

Boulder’s ‘Bugtown’ Brothels

By Charmaine Ortega Getz “Drive the brothels out of town,” the Boulder County Herald editorialized in June 1886. “The first thing a person sees upon alighting from the cars in Boulder and the last seen on getting on the train are these institutions of infamy.” Indeed, despite an 1873 ordinance that outlawed any “bawdy house,

From Scrap to Sculpture at The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Every year, The Wild Animal Sanctuary is host to various donated works of art, but few works compare with the striking scrap-metal behemoths that now grace its grounds. Not only do these sculptures strike a visual chord with their life-size representations of iconic African animals like the giraffe, ostrich, lion and rhino, but they also

The Dalai Lama

When I had the privilege to encounter His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Regis University years ago, I was struck by one thing. His incredible joy. The Dalai Lama radiated a jolt of joy straight to my heart when he passed through the doors of the small auditorium into the gaggle of reporters awaiting him.

Boomtown, a new tech-accelerator program, helps fuel Boulder’s startup community

Accelerating Ideas Last winter, Aidan Chopra was standing in line for dinner at Five Guys in Boulder with his wife and 3-year-old son when his phone started beeping furiously. It was Kickstarter sending him alerts. In the few minutes it took the 39-year-old to order his bacon cheeseburger and sit down to eat, he and

Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett

Interview by Tanya Ishikawa Police officers who kill an elk on a residential street, a woman who cuts open a pregnant mother to steal her baby, and the alleged murderer of a child beauty queen—these types of people are on Stan Garnett’s mind daily. As District Attorney for the 20th Judicial District, Garnett is responsible

John Weller illuminates crucial conservation issues around the world

‘I Am a Storyteller’ John Weller was scuba diving in an ice cave under Antarctica’s Ross Sea, loaded with photography equipment. Already on a risky assignment in below-freezing water, Weller couldn’t know that this would likely be the most dangerous shoot of his career. “Suddenly, it felt like a hammer slammed into the back of

Kathy King Johnson of Medicine Horse equine-assisted therapy program

By Christine Mahoney Photos by Tony Johnson Kathy King Johnson strides from her office near the barn wearing cowboy boots and a big smile, sporting a shock of bright purple hair. She’s the one constant in the ever-evolving world that is the Medicine Horse Program, an equine-therapy program in east Boulder. Its mission is to

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