A New “S*PARK” for Boulder

07 Jan 2016

Congrats to Boulder’s Sopher Sparn Architects

for providing the “sparkling” design that integrates affordable housing, commercial and retail space, open space and parks, and energy efficiency. In September, Boulder’s city planning board approved a new modern urban village, said to be the first of its kind in the county. S*PARK, short for Sutherland Park—because it’s on the site of the former Sutherlands Lumber Company—will be a mixed-use community with 20 buildings totaling more than 540,000 square feet spread over 7 acres. S*PARK will include a community-oriented nonprofit space that will be the home of Community Cycles and 32 affordable rental flats; a commercial building with retail, commercial, office and restaurant spaces; and 12 mixed-residential buildings with both market-rate and affordable townhouses. The neighborhood is committed to being Colorado’s first LEED-Neighborhood-Development Platinum Neighborhood, and will also boast 120,000 square feet of parks and other open space. Sopher Sparn designed 14 of the site’s 20 structures. Visit www.sophersparn.com.
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