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Boulder Nonprofit Is “There With Care” for Families in Crisis

Paula DuPré Pesmen founded There With Care to provide the basics a family needs when they’re dealing with a medical crisis

A small nonprofit makes a big impact for families in need

Two sisters founded Little Willows, a nonprofit providing beautifully coordinated clothing boxes of gently used kids’ clothes, to underserved families

Coach Mel Tucker brings a winning attitude to Buffalo football

New football coach Mel Tucker brings an “old-school” philosophy to Boulder. He expects his team to play hard, fast and with an edge.

Exciting advances in prosthetic technology are restoring amputees’ sense of touch

Feels Like Progress By Sara Bruskin Modern prosthetic arms and hooks are highly functional, and the people who use them have little to no problem with everyday tasks (after an adjustment period, of course). The phantom limb sensation, however, still causes severe physical dissonance for many amputees, regardless of prosthetic use. People experience ghostly sensations

BoCo: Where It’s Cool to Be an Outside[r]

Everybody needs beauty…places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike. —John Muir Welcome to your personal playground By Vicki Allsopp Do you love exploring paradise through an adventurous lens? Do you subsist on avocado toast and adrenaline? Boulder County has something

Your intel on biking, hiking and trail running around Boulder

TRAILHEAD By Julie Kailus Look no further for the paths worth exploring, the tech, gear and experts to take you further, plus the places locals love to rest and revive when strive time is over. Happy Trails With hundreds of miles of trails in Boulder County, we can’t list them all. But here are a

Researchers are on a path to 3D-printed veins that could change treatments for vascular conditions

Researchers worldwide are finding varying degrees of success creating replacement parts for people using 3D printing to form teeth, skin, ears and ovaries—even a heart.

Two Boulder athletes make Sports Illustrated’s Fittest 50 list

In Sports Illustrated’s Fittest 50, five of the top 20 fittest female athletes in the nation call the Centennial state home.

With unprecedented wildfire events the new norm, could Boulder County see more loss of homes and lives?

Many residents—especially those who don’t live in the mountains—still don’t acknowledge the threat to their homes from wildfire...

Wild Animal Sanctuary
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How a local vet escaped hate and landed in a loving community

Dr. Patrick Kalenzi survived the brutality of daily life and beat several serious diseases, including polio. Education was his way out of Africa’s dangerous climate.

Rock ‘n Roll Judge

Boulder’s Honorable Dennis Wanebo bucks the notion that we are our job titles.

Italian tennis player Andy Seppi left Italy to find an advantage in Boulder

Andy Seppi surprised the tennis world by moving to Boulder to live and train.

Adventure Parenting: One mom’s mission to make her family have some winter fun

Creating memorable experiences By Linzee Klinkenberg Oh, how I aspire to be a mom who creates memorable experiences for her kids. I think back on my own childhood, growing up in Boulder and the countless times my parents took my sister and me sledding on the hill above Viele Lake. Now it’s my turn to

Boulder’s feline-only veterinary clinic is keeping the dogs away so the cats can play

It can be to perform a good exam and accurately assess a cat’s health in most veterinary clinics where the cats are stressed by the other animals present.

Little Bird Is Perched to Please

A menagerie on Niwot’s historic main drag, Little Bird is half gallery, half boutique and 100 percent harmonious.

e-bike of COLORADO aims to change the way we commute and recreate

e-bike of COLORADO is helping Boulder County residents reconsider their relationship with play, exercise and the outdoors.

Globally, plastic is a pollution nightmare. Locally, Eco-Cycle offers solutions and hope.

The Problem with Plastic By Tom Brock Plastic is cool. It can bend but be unbreakable. It can be almost weightless, yet tougher than tungsten. You can cover a sandwich, spaceship, house or football field with it—and make it any color you want to dazzle the eye. The one thing you can’t do is get

Join Boulder Ballet on a wild ride to new horizons

Taking a Trip to Pluto and Beyond Wrenn Combs grew up in a household where astronauts and NASA were regular topics of conversation at the dinner table. Her father, Dr. Joseph Combs, was the director of Aerospace Medical Labs for Project Gemini. In this role he developed a heart-monitoring system that was used to measure

Wynn Walent stands with Haiti’s residents of Petit Trou de Nippes

As part of his mission with the Colorado Haiti Project (CHP), Lafayette resident Wynn Walent works with dozens of doctors, teachers and other volunteers who travel with him a few times a year to Haiti

Rachel Cheetham connects space entrepreneurs with military stakeholders

Talking Space By Amanda Miller Poised on Flagstaff Mountain’s rock rim at Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder—where she got engaged—Rachel Cheetham reflects on her 20s. She overlooks her alma mater below and the Louisville tech park beyond, where she launched her career. As former chief of staff for Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) space industry operations in

Boulder Makerspaces: hotbeds for invention let locals crank out ideas for fun and profit

Making the Most of Makerspaces By Kerry Parry If your creative spirit is whispering in your ear to make something, whether it be from ceramics, textiles, wood, metal, glass or thin air, chances are there is a makerspace that can help you. Makerspaces (also called hackerspaces) are popping up all over Colorado. They are, by

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