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The Road to Recovery

2020 has been … a year, that’s for sure. It’s time to recover and rejuvenate for a better year to come! By Vicki Allsopp   Editor Note: We understand that true recovery from the pandemic will take much more than a fresh haircut and a new hobby. For those who have lost loved ones, there

Uplevel Your Home Office

By Haley Rae Shoning   Whether you’ve been working from home forever or it’s a new pandemic-inspired situation, making your home office comfortable and inspiring can lead to elevated productivity and a calm and peaceful work-from-home experience.     An eye-catching piece of local art is the perfect addition to dress up your space. “What

Pandemic Projects Enhance Boulder Communities

When the pandemic first shut down schools, workplaces and recreation areas, many Boulder County residents reached out of isolation and beyond their fears to help neighbors and strangers alike.

Artist Margaret Galvin Johnson: Leaving Hidden Valley Road Behind

A local woman navigated her way out of the trenches of trauma through years of therapy, emerging with a career in art.

Mikki McComb-Kobza: From Fear to Fascination

Landlocked shark expert Mikki McComb-Kobza turned her childhood terror into a career.

BoCo Bookshelf: What locals are writing and we’re reading

We ask local authors to describe what inspires them, what’s next on their writing agenda, what’s tough about being a writer and so much more.

Via Mobility Services

Via Mobility Services is moving local communities toward transportation equity through an unprecedented pandemic.

The Social Dilemma

Jeff Orlowski of Boulder, CO, puts a spotlight on the negative impacts of social media use with his film, "The Social Dilemma."

Art + Soul Gallery: Committing to Art

Art + Soul Gallery marries wall art with wearable art for an extraordinary experience in fine jewelry. By Christine Mahoney   During uncertain times, it’s comforting to know that some things are unshakable, like the need to express love and commitment. Expressions of devotion seem to be on the rise during the pandemic. Just ask

Browns Shoe Fit
Wild Animal Sanctuary

Close to Home: Keeping Busy This Winter

Sanity-saving activities to keep the home atmosphere “cool” during the cold months. By Vicki Allsopp   Living in Colorado, winter is always welcome. But with the possibility of many indoor and outdoor activities not being available per usual, the need for alternatives is imperative. Here are some fun activities to consider while keeping it close

Passion for Wild Places: Ulyana N. Horodyskyj

Meet Boulder resident Ulyana N. Horodyskyj, Ph.D.: field researcher, adventurer and polar guide in Antarctica.

Adventure Parenting: Hike Gone Awry

Even seasoned hikers make mistakes! Courtney Johnson learned that on an adventure parenting excursion with her daughter Emma in Layton, Utah.

Alison Sawyer Current: The Dog Lady of Mexico

Being a rescuer isn’t for the faint of heart, and as Alison Sawyer Current learned, it’s a full-time gig.

Boulder Bookshelf: What locals are writing and we’re reading

We ask local authors to describe what inspires them, what’s on their writing agenda next, what’s tough about being a writer and so much more.   Heidi Piper, Choose Love BMag: Was the writing process cathartic for you or was your healing complete before you started the book? HP: It was cathartic and it

Campus Colors

CU wasn’t always graced with the vibrant hues it displays in autumn. By Dell Bleekman   In high contrast to the lush campus of today, the University of Colorado Boulder began with nary a tree in sight. When it was founded in 1876, CU was on a vast, sweeping plain. Now, it’s one of the

Moments of Joy—Finding Happiness During the Pandemic

With everyone spending more time at (or near) home these days, it’s essential to find bright spots in everyday activities. These tips will help you add moments of joy to your life.

Recipe: Greenbriar Inn’s Braised Beef Short Rib with Butternut Squash Puree

The Greenbriar Inn’s executive chef, Fabio Flagiello, makes this popular entrée in the fall using fresh-picked butternut squash, carrots, rainbow chard, parsley, sage and rosemary from the restaurant’s on-site gardens. You’ll be able to find most of those ingredients at the farmers market, a county farm stand or your favorite grocery store. Note: Ingredients are separated

Pandemic Pastimes

Fresh ideas to keep the whole family busy as we push through the pandemic.

Earth Guardians Fight Climate Change

Despite a global pandemic and blatant attacks from the current administration, these young warriors against climate change remain focused and strong

Camber Outdoors’ Emily Newman Sees a ‘Bright Future’

The national nonprofit’s mission is in sharp focus in light of recent events   By Julie Kailus Photos courtesy Camber Outdoors   Emily Newman, executive director at Boulder-based Camber Outdoors, took the reins at the thought-leading organization right before the pandemic sent everything into a tailspin. Camber Outdoors is a national nonprofit focused on building

Curt Hammerly, The Accidental Potter

If not for a freak accident, Curt Hammerly wouldn’t have the career he does today. Nine years after a bicycle accident that broke his neck, Hammerly is making pottery that garners endless admiration on social media.

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