Winter/Spring 2014 - 2015

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Wild Animal Sanctuary

All About Quality

Tahona serves up innovative small plates, fine drinks and high spirits By Kate Jonuska  |  photos by phil mumford With his refined palate and expert knowledge, trained sommelier Peter Soutiere loves to talk about flavor profiles, regional variations and food pairing—but not in regard to wine. After years in fine dining, Soutiere today would much

Dashing Through the Snow

Beat winter’s chill with outdoor running (yes, really!)

A Family Affair

Contemporary art thrives at SmithKlein By John Klein Wilson Photos by John Klein Wilson When Nathan Klein was a young kid, his mother, Deborah, would bring him to work with her at the art gallery she owned on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. There was a big wooden rack used to display Navajo rugs, and Klein

Ski School 101

Ins, Outs and Endless Opportunities By Julie Kailus Snow sports can create a sense of independence in children and a deep sense of connection within families. “If they start skiing at a young age, children typically grow up with confidence and have a unique perspective on life,” says JP Chevalier, snowsports director at Eldora, Boulder

Cordially Yours

Cold-weather drinks with liqueurs and cordials

Standup Guy

Fluent in everything from jazz to blues to Latin, bassist Mark Diamond has been, very quietly, one of Boulder’s most versatile, prolific and persistent musicians.

How to Shop for a Dentist

Tips for the informed patient By Amber Erickson Gabbey With hundreds of dentists in the city of Boulder alone, it can be intimidating to shop for a new dentist. Whom can you trust? How do you know you will get the best care? We spoke with a few experienced dentists to get the inside scoop.

The Beauty Part

Injectables, partial lifts and body contouring gain favor in Boulder County By Christine Mahoney In the old days of plastic surgery, before the “mini” Lifestyle Lift hit the market in 2001, the thought of elective cosmetic surgery might evoke images of Joan Rivers, Dolly Parton or Michael Jackson—major stars who went to extremes in their

Navigating the Produce Aisle in Winter

Fresh & Healthy By Shannon Burgert In winter and spring, the produce we find in grocery stores may have spent up to several weeks en route from South America in refrigerated ships and trucks. Add to that the time on display at the store and often a few days or more in the refrigerator at

Wild Animal Sanctuary
Browns Shoe Fit

Another World

Ku Cha’s Tea Room and Shop Bring Delicious Peace By Kate Jonuska Photos by Phil Mumford Colorful, modern, busy, stylish: These are some words that might come to mind to describe Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. “Relaxing” and “contemplative,” however, rarely make the top of the list—until you visit the calm oasis of Ku Cha House

A Tale of Two Officers

Pocket park would help right a century-old wrong By Lisa Truesdale  On Oct. 28, 1915, Louisville police officer Victor Helburg found himself in a heated dispute with a fruit and vegetable peddler. Tragically, what began as an argument over the payment of license fees ended with the peddler pulling out a rifle, shooting Helburg and

The Conversation Project

What if we actually talked about our end-of-life wishes and values? By Shannon Burgert As people reach the last phase of their lives, about 40 percent face medical decisions, but 70 percent of them are not able to make those decisions for themselves. That means roughly a quarter of people will leave their loved ones in

A Geek by Nature

Open Space ‘superhero’ infuses science with humor and passion

Salt of the Earth

‘Godfather of Hygiene’ has farmed there all his life By Mark Collins If you call Richard Behrmann on his cell phone in October, chances are he’ll answer, but he won’t have much time to chat. “It’s hayin’ season,” Behrmann says. At 87 years of age, he still puts in long hours on the farm in

Climbing the Family Tree

How America’s strongest mother-daughter partnership navigates the vertical world By Chris Weidner Robyn Erbesfield was one of my heroes back in 1988, when I began climbing. I seemed to read about her competition and sport-climbing success in every magazine. Today, she climbs harder than ever and has raised her children—Shawn, 16, and Brooke, 13—to follow

Snowflakes: Miniature Marvels

Is it true that no two are identical? By Thomas W. Schlatter The next time it snows, catch some of the falling snow on a patch of black velvet and examine it with a good magnifying glass. You may see pristine ice crystals, fragments of crystals, and larger flakes made up of multiple crystals—sometimes up

No Easy Money

From wealthy business owners to budtenders and window washers, people who earn money from the marijuana industry can’t put it in the bank. By Kay Turnbaugh Editor’s Note: For their protection, the marijuana workers quoted in this article are not named.  Running a marijuana business is a lot like jumping back in time to when

The Battle for Indigenous Rights

NARF’s victories correct historic injustices By Tanya Ishikawa 2015 marks the 45th anniversary of the Boulder office of the Native American Rights Fund—the power center that has waged historic court battles to recognize and protect the tribal peoples of the United States. The nonprofit, NARF for short, fights modern-day battles for the human and treaty

All Together Now!

In the last few years, coworking spaces have been popping up around Boulder County, and a quick tour of the facilities proves they’ve become very popular.

Taking Science to New Heights

Geologist works with Sherpas to study polluted mountain snow By Jane Palmer Photos courtesy Ulyana Horodyskyj (above: Ulyana Horodyskyj is the passenger in an open-cockpit ultralight plane.) When Ulyana Horodyskyj traveled to Nepal for a year, she planned to return with an armful of scientific data and some good memories. She came back with both, but

Ahead of Her Time

Hanna Kroeger’s colorful history runs deep in Boulder’s health-food scene By Charmaine Ortega Getz       New Age Foods was the name of Hanna Kroeger’s Boulder store before “New Age” was a national catchphrase. Talk to almost anyone who’s been a longtime resident of Boulder and there’s another story to hear: Hanna, who established

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