Ecoscape Environmental Design

29 Mar 2016

Ecoscape Environmental Design… Caring for Your Land… and Well-Being! By Karina Zedalis From the miles of trails to the plethora of workout options and farm-to-table eateries, the opportunities to keep oneself healthy in Boulder, are certainly plentiful. At Ecoscape, we believe that your landscape can also support your sense of well being. Ever think about the space around your home as a sanctuary Valentine -patio-Ecoscape-eNewsand sensory spa? Do you dream about your yard as a place for hanging with friends and sharing a meal? Or imagine the ease of stepping outside your kitchen for fresh cut herbs and flowers. If your yard doesn’t provide those things and is a source of stress because all you see is work that needs to be done, then consider investing in a professionally crafted landscape. Ecoscape’s ecologically focused design aesthetic starts with anKirvan-herb bed-Ecoscape-eNews assessment of your unique location, your yard priorities, and your investment budget. Sometimes landscape work is needed to solve water drainage issues or better functionality between areas. Or you may have some great garden elements already, but feel they are disjointed or they don’t flow visually. Our landscape designers’ touch can bring about cohesiveness, and attune you to practical Bialek-patio-Ecoscape-eNewssolutions whether your land is a blank canvas or long established.   Hate yard work? Our maintenance team can relieve you of those duties and provide you with peace of mind and more free time. From managing your water usage strategically to the installing hardscape, from nourishing the soil to pollinator friendly plant material, Ecoscape means caring for your land and your well-being! Ecoscape Environmental Design | Boulder, CO 303.447.2282 | EcoScape.LOGO.CLEAR         Boulder County H+G enews sponsor - March 2016
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