ELI’S WEEKLY IDEA: How to Grow Flower Bulbs in Water

04 Aug 2015

Though Boulder's spring and summer bounty is filled with bright flowers, the fall and winter aren't quite so fresh with flowers. Moving flowers indoors is a solid option, especially if you have good access to sunlight.
One of the prettiest ways to get a head start on spring is to grow flower bulbs indoors—using water. This is as simple as can be, and looks great also!
Start with flower bulbs of your choice; amaryllis or daffodils are easy to work with, but any flower bulb will work! Place the bulbs in a no-drainage container, like a glass bowl filled with pretty river rocks. Remember: bulbs should be placed pointy-end up, and do best with a little pressure on them. Arrange the rocks to partially cover the bulbs, but leave the tapered tops unencumbered.
Next, fill the glass container with water, just so the bottom of the bulbs sit in about a quarter inch of water.
Sprouts should emerge within ten days; transfer to soil after the green heads have emerged. This is a great idea for families with kids, as it shows them the process of planting! Start new bulbs every ten days for a regular supply of spring joy in your home!
Photo: attached; Shutterstock user Mirek Nowaczk
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