Fall 2017: This issue is about your friends, neighbors, and community

26 Sep 2017

Dear Reader: This magazine is all about your friends, your neighbors, your community and your patch of earth. In this issue, you’ll meet Mary and Kirk Stewart, whose landscape was devastated by the 2013 flood. You’ll discover how they coped with the disaster after their “world collapsed,” as Mary says, and lovingly restored their homestead. You’ll also meet Boli Medappa, a world traveler and collector from India whose home resonates with thoughtful décor that brings the world to her Boulder doorstep. You’ll become acquainted with the people and businesses changing our community for the better, like Robbie Vitrano of Good Spread and Amanda Manoa of Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. And you’ll have the tools and information to sculpt your home and garden into a better place. I hope you care about your community. We do, and so do the many businesses that allow us to bring this magazine to you. Please support them in their endeavors. Sincerely, Carol S. Brock carol@brockpub.com
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