J&K Roofing

24 Feb 2016

J & K Roofing Delivers Expertise and Customer Satisfaction logo       By Kathy Vendegna A roof replacement is a task that most people dread having to do, especially if the reason is because of a weather event. Whether it is because of recent hail storm, or just normal wear and tear, a roof replacement can truly be disruptive and cause stressful days and sleepless nights. However, it doesn’t have to be. J & K Roofing has been in business in the Denver metro area for 32 years. Since 1984, J & K has worked to consistently deliver on JKroof1extensive knowledge and expertise in the roofing business and has built a company on the values of honesty, integrity and character. I have been honored to work at J & K roofing for four years now and have held the Executive Assistant position for three years. Having worked in customer service my entire career, for large and small companies alike, it is clear to me that J & K Roofing has made service a priority. The roofing business is extremely competitive. As such, J & K Roofing continuously challenges itself to grow and position the company as the premier roofer in the Denver metro area. An jkroof2important part of this effort is to have some of the best estimators/salespeople in the industry as part of our team. Their extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and the relationships they have established within it are critical to customer satisfaction. The estimators of J & K Roofing walk the homeowner through the process of checking the roof, gutters and exterior for damage and meet with the insurance adjusters to come up with a plan for repair or replacement. Their invaluable experience allows them to make certain that as a homeowner you are getting the most benefit from your insurance coverage. From guidance in choosing the correct roofing material to meeting all code requirements on installation, protecting the biggest jkroof4investment most families have is all in a day’s work for J & K Roofing. A family-owned and family-run business, J & K Roofing is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and carries an A+ rating. For more information, please call 303-835-9511, and visit our website at www.jkroofing.com. ______ BCH&G enewsletter sponsor - February, 2016
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