Keep Paint from Landfills

25 Sep 2015

Don’t send leftover paint to the landfill. A new PaintCare paint-recycling program, launched in July, already has more than 100 drop-off sites in Colorado (one of only seven states with the program, and the only one between California and Minnesota). The drop-off sites, mainly at paint and hardware stores, collect paint and send it to a processing center, where it is either remixed into recycled-content paint, used as fuel, or transformed into other products. Unrecyclable paint is dried out, then properly disposed of. Although a few Denver locations accept up to 100 gallons, the Boulder County locations only accept up to 5 gallons at this time. Check the list of drop-off locations at; call ahead to make sure they can accept your paint and find out how much you can bring. photo: coloa studio
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