Meet artist Kevan Krasnoff

27 Jun 2018

“This is my 40th anniversary in Boulder, along with KGNU,”

jokes Boulder artist and Colorado native Kevan Krasnoff. He works in steel, wood, stone, concrete, beads and ceramics, “but mostly I am a painter.” Krasnoff says, “We are all artists forever; it’s just a matter of expression.” He’s lost track as to where his many works have been shown, “but there are a lot of pins on the map!”
photos courtesy kevan krasnoff
H+G: Where do you find inspiration? Krasnoff: “Inspiration is everywhere, in everything—and nowhere when it’s not.” H+G: What message does your art convey? K: “Message? Maybe freedom, but I don’t know. Beauty? Confusion? A sense of wonder or even why?” H+G: What is your favorite thing about creating art? K: “Zen, bliss, peace, mystery, magic.” H+G: What is your biggest challenge with art? K: “Purpose, distribution.”
photos courtesy kevan krasnoff
H+G: Why do you like living in Boulder? K: “Long list. I live below the Flatirons at the mouth of Boulder Canyon. My people are here, etcetera, etcetera.” H+G: What artists do you admire? K: “Stephen Hawking and Tom Petty.” H+G: What do you do in your spare time? K: “Is there spare time? Show me, ha! But I am a Grand Canyon boatman. I play a lot of basketball. I feed two painted horses. Gardening, two-hour lunches, good coffee with a view.” To see Kevan Krasnoff’s art, visit You can also tour his sculpture garden by calling 303-941-2363. Visitors are welcome, he says, but by appointment only.
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