Native Edge Landscapes finds green business model pays green dividends

21 Sep 2017

Greening the Greenery

One Boulder landscaper has redoubled efforts to run an environmentally conscious business model, and it’s paying off in green dividends. Native Edge Landscapes recently purchased a property next to its office for a yard, and the extra space has allowed the company to store and save materials in bulk, thus limiting waste and unnecessary trips to suppliers. “This results in countless miles and carbon emissions saved, and helps us do our part to reduce traffic congestion,” says president and founder Tom Sunderland.
Buying land for a bulk yard next to its office has helped Native Edge Landscapes reduce fuel use, traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and reuse materials more efficiently. (photos courtesy Native Edge Landscapes)
The additional space also enabled the company to repurpose or recycle materials more responsibly, diverting more than 90 percent of its waste from the landfill. Native Edge now has room to keep discarded debris from job sites that it can use in the future or stockpile until a full load accumulates to take to recycling centers. The extra space also reduces the company’s carbon emissions. In the past, the company had no room to stockpile, which meant materials had to be dropped off daily. Native Edge’s emphasis on local landscaping has also reduced emissions. Its average customer is only 12 minutes away from the office, which is centrally located to make it convenient for employees to bus rather than drive to work—especially with the free RTD EcoPass program Native Edge implemented. With an extra push toward digital documentation and direct bank deposit to combat paper and ink use, Native Edge is greening Boulder in more ways than one.
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