Our Fall 2014 Issue

25 Oct 2014

Carol BrockDear Reader: It’s nice to live in a place you’re always happy to come home to. We recently visited Minnesota to see our son and his girlfriend. It was a wonderful trip, but I was glad to return to Colorado. The sky is so much brighter here, the land is so amazing and the people are so well informed. I was happy to read an article in Minnesota about the issue of bees being threatened by industrial agriculture’s pesticide use. But here in Boulder County we’re taking action by establishing “Bee Safe” neighborhoods and pledging to grow organically. We also are energy aware, and value solar, recycling, buying local and urban gardening. It’s these values, and our remarkable open spaces and wildlife, that make this area such a wonderful part of the world. We recently entertained a French couple and they were stunned by the deer and the hawk they saw in our backyard. They have no wildlife in France, they sadly told me, because of overhunting. How lucky we are to live with deer and mountain lions, bears and foxes right outside our doors. With beauty comes responsibility, however, and we must do our part to keep this area a special place. We’ve tried to do that with this magazine. Over the past 11 years, we’ve brought you articles on so many topics to help you make thoughtful, informed choices. We continue in that vein with this issue. You’ll find a revolutionary off-the-grid heating system that can warm any space for cheap in the Green Guide section of the magazine. You’ll also discover the new organic fruit orchard being planted in the heart of Boulder. This month’s feature home is a repurposed barn that found a new life here, and you’ll find easy ways to use up your harvest in “Fall Feasts.” You’ll also find a primer on pure essential oils, and a feature garden that encourages pollinators of all sorts with its astounding collection of native plants. As always, we couldn’t bring you this magazine without support from our advertisers. If you need help with a home or garden project, please consider contacting them for an estimate. You’ll find a listing of advertisers in our Resource Directory. I’m excited to tell you we’ve COMPLETELY overhauled our website! it’s been redesigned to be easier to use and more interesting to look at. It’s full of articles, blogs, videos and other exclusive content, so please check it out and let me know what you think. If you have a story idea or a garden or home you think we should feature, please let me know. This is your community magazine and we’re always interested to hear from YOU. Enjoy the fall, and remember, there’s no place like home. Let’s work to keep it special. Sincerely, Carol S. Brock Editor carol@brockpub.com
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