Rebecca’s Recommendations: Make your own dry-erase board

14 Apr 2016

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Just because something’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t look nice. Dry-erase boards are handy in nearly any room—the kitchen for a grocery list, the entry to greet the family, the kids’ rooms to remind them what they need for the day. But finding a board that doesn’t look like it belongs in a dorm room isn’t always easy. With a few simple steps (seriously, it couldn’t get any easier), you can make your own dry-erase board sized to your specifications and suited to your décor. Materials Needed: Here’s what you’ll need:
  1. A picture frame (check out the wide and inexpensive selections at thrift, consignment and dollar stores).
  2. Scrapbook paper, wallpaper or fabric, cut to fit your frame.
  3. A dry-erase or transparency marker.
  4. A cloth, tissue, paper towel, whiteboard eraser or just your finger to wipe off the glass when you want to write a new message.
Directions: Place the paper or fabric in your frame and trim any excess material. Reassemble the frame and glass, and hang or place the frame on a table as you would a regular picture frame. Since the glass substitutes for the traditional melamine whiteboard, you won’t get the ghosting effect if you leave marker writing on the glass for too long. Plus, you’ll never need to replace your board; just swap out the paper or fabric for a new motif when you feel like changing things up.
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