Rebecca’s Recommendations: The Perfect Blanket Layer

09 Feb 2016

The perfect bed layering technique

One of the best parts about winter is feeling nice and toasty under the covers. But blasting the furnace runs up the energy bill and wastes energy. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the perfect bed-layering technique to insure a toasty night’s sleep and I’ve yet to feel the nip in the air at night. The key is a lightweight yet plush blanket placed between your flat sheet and comforter. The blanket could be velour, minky, fleece or another similar fabric. Most people would layer this type of blanket over the top of their comforter, but you’ll get optimal warmth by sandwiching it between the flat sheet and comforter. It’s a common way of making a bed at hotels in the coldest parts of the country. You won’t even need flannel sheets anymore!
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