Rebecca’s Reviews: Best Bassinet

20 Nov 2015

Truth be told, there are very few “must-haves” when it comes to newborn baby equipment. But the Halo Bassinest is one of them. The Bassinest takes the idea of co-sleeping and makes it more convenient and, for many of us, safer. Consider it “close sleeping” as opposed to “co-sleeping”. The Halo Bassinest sits right atop your mattress—allowing the baby to sleep close to you without having to worry about blankets making their way into the baby’s sleeping area. Also, the Bassinest is fully enclosed so there’s no concern about the baby rolling from his sleeping area onto your bed. Both of these are potential concerns with traditional co-sleeping products because they are either open on one side or sit below mattress level. But what makes the Bassinest really stand out is its ability to swivel 360 degrees and slide out of the way as needed. This allows you to bring baby close to you for feedings (or just to snuggle!) without getting out of bed or bending over awkwardly to do so. Anyone who has had a baby knows that those first few weeks are not the easiest in terms of moving around—especially for mothers who have had stitches or cesarean sections. Traditional co-sleepers do not move, forcing you to painfully scoot down the bed each time you need to get out of bed. With the Bassinest, you just slide it out of the way using its swivel top. By moving the Bassinest so freely with one hand and with virtually no effort, and with it right at the level of your mattress, you can pull baby close to you so he’s sleeping beside you but in his own safe space. So you get all the security of co-sleeping without some of the worries. Another Bassinest benefit is mesh walls on all sides, one of which is spring-loaded. Breathability is always a concern with infants, so mesh puts my mind at ease. And the spring-loaded wall allows for easy access to baby. The wall pushes down slightly and then immediately (and gently) springs back up. So there’s no concern about forgetting to put the wall back up. Halo has thought of almost everything when it comes to the Bassinest. Now, if they can figure out how to make my son sleep consistently, I’ll be even more impressed!
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