Smart Pots, Simply Bulk Market, Snuggie Tails

31 Mar 2017

Our staff loves these things, and thought you might, too!

Smart Pots

Photos courtesy Smart Pots
Photos courtesy Smart Pots
Nicole loves Smart Pots for container gardening, especially for growing tomatoes. Smart Pots are made from a durable woven fabric that allows for good aeration, efficient water drainage and heat release. The pot’s shape encourages roots to branch out laterally (not circle, like the root systems in a typical terra-cotta pot), maximizing water and nutrient intake, and resulting in larger, healthier plants. “My tomato plants love it, and I love their huge yield,” Nicole says. Smart Pots are washable and reusable, and “with a tray underneath, I can move the pots for maximum sun exposure.” Smart Pots are chemical-free, made in America and come in several sizes for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and more. (

Simply Bulk Market

Photo by Lisa Truesdale
Lisa loves everything bulk. That’s why she loves Simply Bulk Market, a Longmont retail store that only sells bulk items. Not just food, but also spices, personal-care items, pet food, birdseed, herbs and much more. “It saves money and it saves waste,” Lisa says of buying in bulk. During a recent magazine-­production cycle, she kept us all going with bags of gummy bears, roasted nuts and cookies she bought at the market for a mere pittance of their packaged supermarket counterparts. The store’s offerings are immense, diverse and varied, Lisa says, adding, “What’s not to love about that?” (

Snuggie Tail

Photo by Nichole Greenley
Scarlett loves, loves, loves (as only a little girl can) her Snuggie Tail—a mermaid garment tail that makes Scarlett feel safe and secure. She snuggles up in her Snuggie Tail on movie nights with her trusted Bun-Bun (a Jellycat “Bashful” stuffed bunny) by her side. In fact, Scarlett is so smitten with her Snuggie Tail, she made sure Bun-Bun was similarly wrapped. When she received a Disney “3 Peas-in-a-Pod” plush toy for a present, she promptly “ripped out the peas and zippered up Bun-Bun inside the pod,” reports her mother, Nichole. Now the two sweet peas share a tail and a happy ending! (www.­
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