The Tortle Head-Repositioning Beanie

20 Sep 2015

After realizing that my son developed a flat spot on his head (a common ailment because it’s advised to put babies on their backs to sleep for safety reasons), I researched what I could do to help treat it and prevent it from worsening, and came across the Tortle. For under $25, I could possibly prevent my son from having to wear a specialized—and costly—helmet for two months, so I had to try it. The beanie is simple to put on and comes in a few adorable prints. Yes, it looks a little funny, but honestly, it’s not much more noticeable than a regular baby hat. And using it was so much easier than always lugging around a little towel or blanket to roll up and place under his head. So did it work? While we didn’t avoid the helmet completely, I believe we’d have had to use it much longer had we not used the Tortle. And if I’d known about the Tortle earlier, we might have avoided the helmet completely. The Tortle is even used in some hospitals to prevent flat-head syndrome in babies in the neonatal ICU, so I know it can often make a difference in terms of prevention. Available without a prescription and for only $19.99 to $24.99, the Tortle is definitely worth its price. And since many insurance companies require some type of repositioning therapy before considering approval of a therapeutic helmet, the Tortle is a good first step. The Tortle is available at,,, and Please Note: The Tortle is not to be used while the baby is sleeping or unsupervised, as it is a repositioning device. And remember to always put babies to sleep on their back.

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