Women rule at The Upholstery Shop

29 Jun 2017

Saving furniture is rewarding

Say you inherited your grandmother’s favorite wingback chair. It’s so comfortable, and brings a smile to your face every time you think of her sitting in it. But it’s a tad outdated and doesn’t match your décor. You hate to throw it out, and you shouldn’t. Not to mention the ecological impact of tossing old furniture, your grandmother’s sturdy hardwood chair is worth keeping because most furniture today is made of cheap plywood. With a little slimming, contemporary fabric and tapered legs, Gram’s chair will fit right in.
photo by pix11
That’s where The Upholstery Shop comes in. The women-owned firm in Lyons, Colo., is happy to tackle Grandma’s chair, and any other piece (even antique car interiors) worthy of reupholstering. “It’s rewarding saving furniture that would otherwise end up in a landfill,” says co-owner Georgia English, who has an eye for textiles and several years of upholstery training. The shop’s other owner, Angie Heitger, is an expert seamstress and well versed in fabrics (the store carries more than 30,000 samples, with access to more). The store’s newest female professional is Lisa Miller, formerly proprietor of Boulder’s Design Within Reach. As a professional set dresser for feature films for years, Lisa knows exactly how to fit a family heirloom into a modern aesthetic. Father and son upholsterers Rodolfo and Rudy Ruiz recently joined the women in their business and are adept at making custom pieces or changing existing ones. “New fabric on an old piece tells a story,” Lisa says, “and turns an interior into a home.” Visit www.theupholsteryshopco.com
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