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The Great Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Pull out the stops with these easy pumpkin decorations that would make Linus happy. By Sara Bruskin Keep goblins at bay Hang scary gourds in a tree and lace string lights through them. Photo by Moonborne Perfect Serving Dish You don’t have to be a Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater to see that pumpkins make perfect […]

Feature Home: Window Stories

Boulder architect Sam Austin and contractor Jeff Lynch of Jeff Lynch Construction created an open, airy, comfortable home in this remarkable remodeled home.

Be More Tree

Alice Peck invites us on a spiritual journey as she examines the many benefits of trees in her book, Be More Tree, illustrated by artist Melissa Launay.

Six Tips to Boost Your Autumn Garden Bounty

It’s time to plant a fall garden and extend the productive bounty of summer’s harvest. Fall is actually an easier time of year to garden — it’s typically nice and cool, insect populations are reduced and some fall crops sweeten when nipped by frost. Newbie and avid gardeners alike will enjoy the extra round of […]

How to build a perfect summer charcuterie board

Bright flavors, a balance of sweet, savory, salty and buttery, varying textures and pleasing every palate are the keys to a good charcuterie plate.

New Tricks for Old Pets

Simple changes can make a big impact in your pet’s golden years.

Bedroom Banter and Tips to Promote Relaxation and Rest

Create a bedroom that is a place of warmth and comfort that promotes relaxation and rest with these tips.

Bottoms Up– Mix up these craft cocktails to sip this summer and beyond

Craft cocktails aren’t just for the realm of professional bartenders. To inspire the mixologist in you, we sought tips and recipes from local experts.

Meet artist Kevan Krasnoff

Colorado native Kevan Krasnoff works in steel, wood, stone, concrete, beads and ceramics, “but mostly I am a painter.”

Wild Animal Sanctuary
Browns Shoe Fit

AI & Robots on the Rise

Professor Michael Mozer was interested in combining his work with artificial intelligence (AI) with renovating his home. His idea turned into a university research project.

This summer’s Boulder County Farmers Markets

Summer is the peak time for our plethora of local farmers markets.

Red Snapper Courtbouillon

This recipe for red snapper is courtesy the French Quarter Brasserie

Maque Choux

This recipe for Maque Choux is courtesy sous chef Kameron Bunker of The French Twist Food Truck & Catering

Bananas Foster

This recipe for Bananas Foster comes from Boulder's Greenbriar Inn.

Jambalaya Soup

This soup recipe is courtesy chef Michael Micek of Lucile’s

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Recipe courtesy The Huckleberry Restaurant and Bakery

Seafood Gumbo

Recipe courtesy chef Rob Monahan of Boulder's Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar. Serve with crusty bread and white rice.

Feature Home: A Contemporary Canvas

This modern home was designed to showcase the artist-owner’s paintings, but it’s also a work of art on its own.

Green Gadgets

Technology is a fact of modern life, but some of it comes at a significant cost to our resources. If you’re looking for home-technology upgrades, these gadgets not only make life easier, they’re kind to the environment and save you money on utilities. By Sara Bruskin Automatic Pet Doors Automatic pet doors have sensors that […]

Almost any yard can fit a pond

Almost any yard can fit a pond, she says, as long as the pond is set up correctly. Here are Smith’s tips for raising fish in a backyard pond.

Feature Garden: Laughter is a key component of this garden

This Boulder garden if full of fun and laughter. After 11 years of “seeing what wants to live here” and precious tending, Yates says her garden is finally “softened and loosened and where it needs to be.”

Wild Animal Sanctuary
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