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Meet Artist Brooke Connor

Boulder artist Brooke Connor worked as an environmental chemist for 28 years before leaning into the art world.

Bright & Timeless Kitchen Remodel

This remodeled kitchen was designed to look like it had always been there

Fabulous Fire Pits

If you’re thinking of adding a fire pit to your landscape, here are some designs by local companies to fan the flames of your imagination.

Bold & Brilliant Paint Effects

Warm weather is painting weather, so throw open the windows and find inspiration in these creative painting techniques

Edible Flower Power

Edible flowers are not only pretty, they’re pretty enough to eat. Check out our tips for adorning your food with gorgeous flowers.

Decor to Welcome Guests Back to Your Home

As we start to socialize again, here are a few decorative touches to help you warmly receive guests

Tips and tricks to create stunning family photo galleries

Family is what turns a generic house into home sweet home, which explains why decorating walls with family photos has been wildly popular for generations.

Ten plants to grow (or forage) for topical first aid treatments

Mother Nature offers a host of natural remedies to treat cuts, burns, sprains and more.

Modern Patio Furniture

From lighting and seating to tables and bar carts, these patio furniture choices are cheery additions to the great outdoors. By Jennifer Rhode     One of the best aspects of living in Colorado is the beautiful, sunny weather that allows us to be outside much of the year. Never have we appreciated this more […]

Wild Animal Sanctuary
Browns Shoe Fit

Hail Is a Helluva Thing

Hail can wreak havoc on a home, so follow these tips to keep your property safe.

Advice for Aging in Place

Thoughtful remodeling can facilitate aging in place and make it possible for more people to enjoy their golden years at home.

Companion Planting

Arranging your garden with companion planting in mind can help deter detrimental bugs, help to balance soil nutrients, provide shade for easily sun-scorched plants and much more.

Meet Artist Anne Gifford

Boulder artist Anne Gifford is perhaps best known for the eight BOLDERBoulder 10K posters she’s created for the race over the past 30 years.

Ground Contenders: Great Grass Alternatives

Maintaining a grass lawn takes a lot of water. Step outside the box and consider these drought-tolerant ground covers that make great grass alternatives.

Feature Home: From Groovy to Grand

This welcoming home works well for both people and wildlife By Lisa Truesdale Photos by Autumn Brooke Grinath and Dave Smith   It’s not often that a flock of wild turkeys trots across your backyard. But for Garrett and Roxanne,* it’s just another day at home. Living on the water’s edge at Lake of the […]

Throw a Kokedama Houseplant Party

Gather some friends and wrap your favorite plants up in moss and string to create these whimsical kokedama spheres.

Versatile Vines

We asked local gardening experts to share their favorite vines for different purposes. Here’s what they said.

Finding Room for a Home Office

How to work from home when you think you don’t have the space for a home office.

Winter Lawn Care

Turf needs year-round care courtesy Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado Your lawn does not actually die each winter; it goes dormant. Dormant grass needs care too, especially in periods when there is a lack of precipitation. Turf needs water in winter, though not as much as it does in the heat of the summer. Simply turning […]

Cheery & Light

When winter’s short daylight hours start to feel oppressive, it’s time to brighten your home to keep the doldrums at bay. Here are tips to spread cheer throughout your house when the deep freeze settles in.

Treats for Tweets: Birdseed Ornaments

Making birdseed ornaments creates family fun and food for feathered friends By Ruthanne Johnson   Admit it. You like getting gifts. Yes, opening those holiday packages helps brighten the darkest days. Imagine, then, the excitement a little bird feels upon the discovery of a yummy new food source—especially in winter, when most natural foods aren’t […]

Wild Animal Sanctuary
Browns Shoe Fit